Re: Passwords

From: Fred Herbert (
Date: 04/22/96

I think you should be able to use the set command.
set <playername> password <password>

If this does not work, there is a utility called mudpasswd
in the src/util directory that will change it for you.
I'm not too sure how far this goes back, but I know it's on
3.0pl10. :)

I think it should have compiled all the utilities the first time,
so the executable would be bin/mudpasswd.
Also, it should be recompiled if you ever changed anything in the 
playerfile, or else it will corrupt the playerfile.

Hope this helps.

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On Mon, 22 Apr 1996, Christopher M. Lee wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a simple question.  If a player loses his password.  How can I go
> about getting it changed or find the old password for him.  I am sure there
> has got to be a command or something but I can not find it in the docs or
> scr.  Thanks for your help.
> Yours,
> Christopher M. Lee

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