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From: Christopher M. Lee (
Date: 04/22/96

At 01:57 PM 4/22/96 -0600, you wrote:
>>I have a simple question.  If a player loses his password.  How can I go
>use set file <playername> passwd <new password>
>and give it to the player in question, confirm that it really is the player
>of course :)
>there's no way I know of to read an existing passwd as they're saved using
>crypt if possible.
>Jim Anderson
>Enertopia-> 4000

Is this a 3.0 feature.  When I try this I get the following:

i31> set file theta passwd changeme
Please don't use this command, yet.

It looks like it is not being used in 2.2, which is what I am running.  Does
someone have the code to make it work or know of a way to change it now.  I
am working on 3.0 to go up in the future....


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