Re: Redit troubles

From: Rasmus R\xnlev (
Date: 04/22/96

On Mon, 22 Apr 1996, BJ Kostelecky wrote:

> 	Im having troubles with the redit. I am resculpting the zones, 
> but they are just not saving. I have the new Oasis OLC and im wondering 
> there is some new command for saving the rooms changes within the zone.
> Thanks.

Well, if you answer yes to the "save (room) changes internally (y/n) ?" 
question, the room you've just edited will ONLY be saved to RAM/memmory, 
and will be lost at the same seccond you reboot your MUD, or it crashes.

To save the room(s) you've eddited to the lib/world/xxx/ file 
you will need to type:

redit save <zonenumber> , where the <zonenumber> is the room number 
divided 100 ... does that make sense ? (i.e. room 3001 is 3001/100 = 30)
thus you should type : redit save 30 , to save room 3001 when you've 
changed it... 

You could allso type : olc , to get a list of not yet changed 
mobs/zonetables/rooms/objects'n'shops , wich will display the zone number 
wich you need to save, to keep the changes.. 

Similar, to save medit changes, type : medit save <zonenum>  ... easy ? 
YES! :)

Think this is in a doc with the OasisOLC dist. archive too...

If you don't have the changed data saved to the MEMMORY of the MUD, 
you've ran into memmory problems, and you should stuff some extra megs in 
your computer.. (I think :), I had to do that at least.


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