Re: A few questions.

From: Brian Christopher Guilbault (
Date: 04/22/96

On Mon, 22 Apr 1996, Fionn Colvin wrote:

> (1) How does the mud tell which type of guildmaster to use when you 
> assign a mob with SPECIAL(guild) in spec_assign.c? I know that in class.c 
> you assign guild guards, and what type of classes they let through, but 
> where do you assign what type of guildmaster the different ones are? Is 
> it taken from the quild guard? If so do guildmasters have to be right 
> next to the guards? How could I do the following?

Guildmasters are generic. Try it. Trans a warrior into the mage's guild 
and you can practice skills. If you wanted, you could make the spec_procs 
class-specific simply by copying the procedure, renaming it "guild_mage", 
"guild_thief", etc. and just throw in a check to make sure the master is 
the same class as the character.

> [a]--[b]--[c]--[d]
> In the above I want the guild guard to be in [a] and the guildmaster to 
> be in [d]. How do I do it?

See doesn't matter because the guildmaster is independant of 
the guard.

Sorry I can't help ya with your second question.

> (3) I would like to add a few skills which allow different races and 
> classes to make produce if they have the right items. Eg. a human cleric 
> might have a weaving skill, and if he/she has some wool and a loom he/she 
> could type weave wool and if the skill check was successful he/she would 
> turn the wool into material. Etc for differnt skills, materials, classes. 
> Any ideas on how I could implement this?

Some people posted here a few weeks back about their "assemble" command. 
Perhaps if they would be willing to share their code with you, you could 
do something similar with your skill. Basically it just involves checking 
a character's inventory for the required items, extracting them, then 
loading the new item into his/her inventory.

Hope this Helps,


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