Re: multi-classing

From: Michael Buselli (
Date: 04/22/96

On Mon, 22 Apr 1996, jeremy jubenville wrote:

>   I hate writing the list because I feel as if my questions have been 
> asked several times before.  However, I'm looking for advice on the best 
> way to implement multi-classing.  Several come to mind (e.g. defining new 
> classes or adding new fields to the char_data structs), but I'd like to 
> hear the thoughts of some of the coding gurus or those who've 
> successfully implemented this allready.

     I haven't implemented this, but if I had to I would probably remove 
the class and level fields and replace it with a combined class/level 
array.  It would be an array of unsigned chars whose size is the number 
of classes you have plus a few for expansion.  Then a particular 
character's level in a particular class would be reference in the array.  
You would probably have to move immortalness and implementorness into a 
bitfield or a separate level field that would always remain zero for 
mortals, since it would be a pain to check all the levels of a character 
to see if he's an immortal or implementor.

Michael Buselli

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