Re: Mob Experience

From: Brian Christopher Guilbault (
Date: 04/23/96

On Tue, 23 Apr 1996, Hades wrote:

> > Is there a way to have Mobs GAIN xp, everytime THEY kill something or
> > someone?
> > I mean there are some tough mobs out there that if in reality they would
> > be gaining xp for killing that many players!

[Some response snipped here]

> They might see it and say, "Hey Imp, that's some really cool
> code!" then proceede to kill Bob the Learning Master who's intelligence is
> based on some nicely manipulated randome numbers and if statements. I say
> leave the levelling and practiceing code to the people who use it and
> appreiciate it, the players.

If you really want them to gain levels, you could just write a small 
spec_proc that would check their exp and raise them the level if they 
have enough. If you really wanted to go further, you could then use 
skillset on them to give them the spells they would get (would this work? 
Maybe if you also asigned the mage spec_proc). Hmmm now it's getting more 
complicated then I thought, but still easier than having them track down 
the guildmaster to level :-)


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