Re: Mob Experience

From: Hades (
Date: 04/22/96

> Is there a way to have Mobs GAIN xp, everytime THEY kill something or
> someone?
> I mean there are some tough mobs out there that if in reality they would
> be gaining xp for killing that many players!
> has anyone ever implimented this before?
> I'ld like to know what the coding on this might be like! and how would
> the mob get to train and would it know where it was in the mud to find
> its own guild to train at and what would it train.
> Well you get the point??
> This is might be something FUN to code!
> But a big task I would think!
> IMOP this would bring new life to mobs as we konw it!

Ity's called AI, and if you perfect it send me the code so I can make
billions of dollars with it. Why would to bother making a mob, just a piece
of memory, actually walk to a guildmaster to praceice skills, and how would
it know when to use them, and how long do you think a target is actually
going to live? Do you really want to spend the countless hours coding
something that the players wount appreiciate, or possibly even notice? Do
you think a player will really give a crap that "Bob the Learning Master'
actually gained a level as a mob and went to practice fireball? I think they
wont care. They might see it and say, "Hey Imp, that's some really cool
code!" then proceede to kill Bob the Learning Master who's intelligence is
based on some nicely manipulated randome numbers and if statements. I say
leave the levelling and practiceing code to the people who use it and
appreiciate it, the players.

Hades - who's mining dwarves can now stumble upon a dragons lair and get
eaten :)

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