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From: ShadowLord (
Date: 04/23/96

On Tue, 23 Apr 1996, Rasmus Rxnlev wrote:

> 2) You think it all over, and find out what kind of multiclassing you want.
>    I think there are basically 2 different kinds:
>     * Beeing able to 'join' a new class at some point in the game.
>        - Not beeing able to learn old classes skills/spells, but still 
>          remembering them (i.e. the learned levels which are saved anyway :)
>          This requires some fiddeling arround in the skill/spell code..
>        - Adding the new skills/spells to the existing practice list, and 
>          beeing able to prac skills/spells from previous and present classes.
>     * Multiclass is a class made up of 'different' clases into ONE..
>        - Add a new class
>        - You simply fiddle arround with the spello() stuff (in bpl8 :)
>        - Make the XP tables require more xp..
      * A level/class system..
	 - Make "byte level" into "byte level[NUM_CLASSES]", for every new
           class you'll have to delete the pfile or convert the pfile, it
	   is a real pain, but, hey...
	 - Redefine GET_LEVEL so it gets the level of the class:
	   #define GET_LEVEL(ch, i)  (ch->player.level[i])
	 - Add a CLASS_IMMORTAL and use levels 1-3 for God, GrGod, and Imp
	   A LVL31 immortal could be achieved within each class.
	 - Have then start out as no class and allow them to 'join' the
	   classes and 'gain' levels by going to guildmasters :)

The third way is detailed above.  Anyone else got ways of multi-classing?
Even though I'm not planning on keeping levels (and have already got rid
of classes) I'm interested. :)

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