Re: bite

From: Marcelo Valle Moreira (
Date: 04/23/96

> From Tue Apr 23 20:10:43 1996
> I haven't tried the above, but to my knowledge, it should work without
> (too many) flaws.  You'll want to change the aFF_FLAGGED calls to your
> GET_RACE or whatever macro calls; when I get around to doing vampires I
> was planning on making them a flag so instead of Vampire, you'd have
> Vampire-Dwarf, Vampire-Elf, etc.
 Thanks for the coding, We're comparing it to the other code we got and we're deciding the best way. Thanks you all that have sent and still are sending me code.
We race races, so you may choose being an elf B4 choosing your class, but my gods AD&D players will never let me agree with a dwarf vamp =o)
choosing your race some of the classes won't fit you =o)


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