From: Marcelo Valle Moreira (
Date: 04/23/96

Well, now my newbie problem is how to change that "your alignment is 0"
to "you are neutral"
I'm having troubles to make a table of alignments so a function would look for the value and check the table for the mesg.
Thanks again.

PS: about vampires biting, I'm restricting the dammage to GET_LEVEL(ch), once my mud goes thru 199 mortal levels, and till my GRgods may be hit(They really asked they could be hit) that's a good dammage.
it works like kick. if you success you drain hitpoints, if you fail you start fighting the victim.
you may bite victim till its hit goes to 0, and if your hit == your max_hit then you can't bite anymore either =o)

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