Was: Mob Experience: Mob Experience

From: Rasmus R\xnlev (raro94ab@hp4.econ.cbs.dk)
Date: 04/24/96

On Tue, 23 Apr 1996, Jeremy Elson wrote:

> If you want to remove that, make sure the mob's class is some sane value,
> otherwise the MUD will crash when it tries to access that titles[] array.
> Although, this will not be a problem any more in patchlevel 12, because
> I'm planning on changing the titles[] array to a function call (making
> exp formula-based rather than table-based.)  I'm doing this because people
> seem to always forget to extend that array when adding new levels to the
> MUD.  (Note, after I make that change, the *only* thing you'll have to do
> to give your MUD more levels is change the LVL_xxx constants in structs.h!
> Cool, eh?)

Well, I just wanted to make a note/recommendation... Make a formula for 
EVERY class, so different classes can be set up to require different 
ammounts of XP for the levels... I think the current XP tables reflect 
this.. and if they don't they should *grin*
I've at least found it very usefull with the current X tables, that the 
amount of XP is flexible over levels and classes... In general a formula 
will ruin it a little.. but it's ofcourse easier in terms of changabillity.

> BTW, in case anyone is wondering, it's this kind of thing that I want to
> get done before the production release of 3.0: really polish things so that
> things are easy to change in the future, complete the documentation, etc.

Well, risking getting flamed I only have this comment:

Making things easier, doesnt guarantee they become better ...


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