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Date: 04/24/96

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>On Mon, 24 Apr 1995, David Blocher wrote:
>> I still have the questions about how a skill system exists:
>> 1> If there are no levels, do players hits and mana increase with
>> time/adventuring?  If so how?
>Not on my system.  Depending on race, you get rolled somewhere between
>75 and 250 or so hp's when you make you char, there is a small fluxuation
>due to aging, but other than that, or magic, thats all you get.

You might also want to consider coding a skill to raise hit points
and mana.  For instance, you might have a Durability skill that
give you either a set or random number of hit points each time
you practice it.  This skill may do nothing more than raise
hit points, or you can add any other cool feature you like to
it - perhaps the ability to take less damage from attacks?  

It depends on your own personal tastes, and how your MUD is
set up.  The real trick is making everything balance out in
the end.  On some muds 250 hit points is great.  On others
mobs do well over 250 per hit.


Jason Bell

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