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Date: 04/24/96

At 09:32 AM 4/24/95 -0400, you wrote:
>I think a skill based system seems intriguing, but a bit too time consuming
>for me right now.  I have looked into eliminating classes, so a player can
>learn whatever he wants, and depending upon what he has learned so far it
>will decide what skills/spells are open to him. 
>I still have the questions about how a skill system exists:
>1> If there are no levels, do players hits and mana increase with
>time/adventuring?  If so how?
>2> Is there such things as practices, or are spells/skills bought then
>improved with use? 
>3> This one is vague, but does this changes what I know as a definition of a
>mob?  I.e. will a mob without spells/skills be a wimpy mob?
>Just looking for idead,
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>		Jimmy B.
Well to answer some of your questions, it can be done like a pen and paper
game that I designed that uses levels but are pointless because the only
thing level affects is how well you can use your weapon.
well this is pretty much how things are done-

1) Mana(MP) and Hit Points(HP) are determined by stats.  In my game there
are twelve and by a process of multiplying, adding, and dividing I come up
with the magic number for MP, HP or whatever.  Skillpoints(SKP) are gained
just like EXP. The more you go out and practice fighting, using skills,
whatever, the more SKP you get to spend on new skills.  Mana increases by
use also, the more often you use mana, the more of it your body can handle
at one time and this is proportional to your stats.  Class also doesn't play
a big role in the game until later on because certain classes have
prerequired skills that are needed before you can become that class.
There's a lot more to the system but I don't want to get into all the
aspects of it on the mailing list but if you'd like to discuss this further
I'd be happy to give you my input.  


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