Two things

From: corey hoitsma (
Date: 04/24/96

First off.. here are some color codes I got:

All of these are bold colors:
#define BONRM  "\x1B[1;0m"
#define BORED  "\x1B[1;31m"
#define BOGRN  "\x1B[1;32m"
#define BOYEL  "\x1B[1;33m"
#define BOBLU  "\x1B[1;34m"
#define BOMAG  "\x1B[1;35m"
#define BOCYN  "\x1B[1;36m"
#define BOWHT  "\x1B[1;37m"

Now my question:)

How do I use channels in code?
How can I make a new channel?
I've looked at both of these, but I can't really tell how to use
a channel in the code.. do I use gen_comm, the name of the channel or what?
And about making channels.. do I add a new one to gen_comm or is that
something diffrent?
Thanks again!
Corey Hoitsma                   AKA -= Myrddin =-
Tazmania 7000

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