Re: multi-classing

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 04/24/96

On Wed, 24 Apr 1996, Daniel W. Burke wrote:

> I would deffinatly suggest making the variable for levels something more
> then NUM_CLASSES...... because if you ever add another class you then need
> to either pwipe of run a converter.... it's just less hassle.... (and of
> course note that nomber next to the class defines in structs.h so you
> remember when you hit your predetermined limit)

	I noted this shortcoming in the original message.  But, I myself
would not suggest making it more than NUM_CLASSES, there doesn't seem to
be a good way to do this that doesn't require remembering to make another
change.  First, you can't:

   byte level[NUM_CLASSES*2];

	Since everytime you add a class, you must increase NUM_CLASSES and
that would increase the size of the player file record and require a pfile
wipe anyway.
	Second, using a variable like:

#define NUM_CLASSES 5

	Where NUM_LEVEL_RECORDS would be the max index of the byte level
table isn't foolproof, either.  Especially if you add more than 10
classes, you'll eventually have to wipe the pfiles or convert them anyway
	Nextly, I simply despise the idea of making the player file bigger
than it need be.  If NUM_CLASSES never goes over NUM_LEVEL_RECORDS you're
using that many more extra bytes of disk space per record.  This may not
be a lot, but it's wasteful and will probably cause some (barely
noticable?) lag during boots/reboots depending upon how many players you

	To me, the idea is wasteful and ill-thoughout, resulting in a
waste of some minor memory/disk-space (once again depending upon how many
players you have) and if not wasting space will probably result in you
needing to wipe the pfiles/convert the pfiles anyway.  Unless you are
going to add exactly 10 classes, which would then make the
NUM_LEVEL_RECORDS idea a waste of time.  If you only want to delete the
pfiles once/convert the pfiles once then semi-implement all the classes at
once, add their #def's and their entries into the name/abbrev indices but
don't allow players to pick them.  Anything else, to me, is a waste of
time and an inconvience.

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