Compiling/running Circle under win95

From: Ian Stephenson (
Date: 04/26/96

I've tried compiling CircleMUD 3.0pl11 under Windows95 and have a
problem running it.

I have Win95 and Plus! running on a P75.  I'm compiling with MSVC++ 4.0.
For internet connectivity I use Turnpike for Win3.11.

When compiling, I do get a warning (comm.c(339) : warning C4761:
integral size mismatch in argument; conversion supplied) but the rest
compiles quite happily.

However, when I then tried to run Circle.exe, the following was

        Thu Apr 25 13:33:00 :: Using lib as data directory.
        Thu Apr 25 13:33:00 :: Running game on port 4000.
        Thu Apr 25 13:33:00 :: Finding player limit.
        Thu Apr 25 13:33:00 :: Opening mother connection.
        Thu Apr 25 13:33:00 :: Max players set to 252
        Error opening network connection: Winsock err #10047
Winsock error #10047 is WSAEAFNOSUPPORT.

Can you think of why this may be?  The error occurred regardless of
whether I was connected to the internet (I dial into the net using
Turnpike and PPP).  Do I need some file like C:\ETC\HOSTS?

The only thing I can think of is a compatibility problem with the
networking software Turnpike, or its winsock.dll.  It is running winsock
16-bit, whereas circle compiles with wsock32.lib.  I've tried
winsock.lib, but the compiler decided that my version was corrupt.

I'm currently trying to configure a separate PC with a vanilla Win95
Internet configuration to see if the problem goes away.  However, if
anyone can give any insight into what this problem is/how it may be
resolved, this would be very helpful.


Ian Stephenson

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