Re: Compiling/running Circle under win95

From: Tim Yohn (
Date: 04/26/96

On Fri, 26 Apr 1996, Ian Stephenson wrote:

> The only thing I can think of is a compatibility problem with the
> networking software Turnpike, or its winsock.dll.  It is running winsock
> 16-bit, whereas circle compiles with wsock32.lib.  I've tried
> winsock.lib, but the compiler decided that my version was corrupt.

	I think you hit the nail on the head with this one...  I'm not
farmiliar with Circle under Win95 (I don't have the MSVC 4.0 compiler, and
I'm too lazy to port it to Borland 4.5...).  Anything compiled using the
32bit winsock need to be connected to the internet with that same winsock
(ie. using Dial-Up Networking that comes with Win95 should help fix this
problem a little bit...).  If there's a specific reason that your using a
Windows 3.11 dialer/winsock then you should be able to keep that one
around but if you want to run Circle then you should atleast try the DUN
that comes with Win95...

	I think this was mentioned somewhere, the topic of what Winsock
dialer you had to use?  Or mabye I'm mistaken...

Tim Yohn

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