Intro and question

From: Mark McArthey (
Date: 04/26/96

Hi all!

Brand new to the list so, this time at least, please excuse any 
redundant questions.  (Henceforth, you may flame away). *smile* 

Firstly, I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA if anyone is interested.
I am currently coding in v3.0bp8, no site running yet.

I am wondering if there are any good ftp locations for acquiring source
modules.  I am looking for code that would allow me to implement dual
classed (or better) PC's.  I have given thought to coding it myself, but
why reinvent the wheel.  I have seen a number of sites running this.  
I am wondering, also, if there is an archive of back-issues from this 

Since I am running bp8, are there significant improvements made since
then?  If so, what are they?

Thanks much for putting up with the questions!


     \ _^ /   ,^,   Mark McArthey 
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