Win95 Kernel 32update

From: Jason Bell (
Date: 04/26/96

>Kernel 32update 

>This update resolves a memory leak which occurs when opening and
>closing a Socket using the Windows Sockets API. This leak occurs
>in the allocation and deallocation of the memory for the socket by the
>Windows 95 kernel (Kernel32.dll version 4.00.950). This update
>resolves this memory leak in the Windows 95 kernel. 

>Without this update, running a Windows Sockets application over a
>long period of time, especially one which opens and closes a large
>number of sockets, will result a significant resource drain. This can
>cause the Windows swapfile to grow very large, overall deterioration
>of performance, and over time, possible system instability. This
>update allows users to better run such applications for long periods
>of time without loss of system performance and stability, and without
>requiring users to reboot their computers periodically to free system

>Customers who need to run Windows Sockets applications
>continuously over long periods of time, especially applications which
>use a large number of sockets, will benefit from this update.

Anybody planning on running a MUD in in win95 environment should
deffinitely pick up this update and watch the Microsoft home pages
for future updates.

Jason Bell

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