Re: Compiling/running Circle under win95

From: Ian Stephenson (
Date: 04/29/96


I've tried compiling CircleMUD 3.0pl11 under Windows95 and have a
problem running it.

I now have a "vanilla" Win95 and Plus! running on a P90.  I'm compiling
with MSVC++ 4.0.  I've not added any third-party software, although I've
not yet configured Win95 to connect to the Internet.

When compiling, I do get a warning (comm.c(339) : warning C4761:
integral size mismatch in argument; conversion supplied) but the rest
compiles quite happily.

However, when I then tried to run Circle.exe, the following was

        Thu Apr 25 13:33:00 :: Using lib as data directory.
        Thu Apr 25 13:33:00 :: Running game on port 4000.
        Thu Apr 25 13:33:00 :: Finding player limit.
        Thu Apr 25 13:33:00 :: Opening mother connection.
        Thu Apr 25 13:33:00 :: Max players set to 252
        Error opening network connection: Winsock err #10047

Winsock error #10047 is WSAEAFNOSUPPORT.

Can ANYONE think of why this may be?

Has anyone else compiled successfully under Win95?  If so, I'd welcome
some details as to config of the PC.


Ian Stephenson

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