Different Class_abbr in do_who, how?

From: Eric Soderquist (felz@alaska.net)
Date: 04/28/96


I am quite new to C so I'm sorry if this is a stupidly easy question :-)

Anyway, I would like to change the way immortals and above are displayed in
the who list.  For example, instead of [34-Cl] Playername:title, I would
like it to be something like [IMP] playername:title.  I know that this is
probably easy to do, but I'm just not quite sure on how I need to go about
doing it.

Would an array be good for this application?  If so how would I go about
referencing this array from ACMD(do_who)?  Or is there a way other than an
array/table that would be easier?

If someone could just get me started on this, it would be greatly
appreciated!  And, again, I'm sorry if this is an easy question...


Eric Soderquist
Cirrus, IMP of BlackVortexMUD
Currently under development...

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