Re: Compiling/running Circle under win95

From: Steve Wilson (swilson@WHC.NET)
Date: 04/29/96

Had no problems compiling and running it under Win95.

About the error...I think you need to install the TCP/IP
support for Win95.  If you already have it, might want to
try configuring it.  Needs to know that there's
some semblance of a network out there.


Details of WSAEAFNOSUPPORT (10047) Address family not supported
                                  by protocol family

Briefly means "protocol family not supported"

--Taken from "Windows Sockets Network Programming" by Quinn & Schute
  Addison-Wesley Publishing

Ian Stephenson wrote:
> I've tried compiling CircleMUD 3.0pl11 under Windows95 and have a
> problem running it.
> I now have a "vanilla" Win95 and Plus! running on a P90.  I'm compiling
> with MSVC++ 4.0.  I've not added any third-party software, although I've
> not yet configured Win95 to connect to the Internet.
> When compiling, I do get a warning (comm.c(339) : warning C4761:
> integral size mismatch in argument; conversion supplied) but the rest
> compiles quite happily.
> However, when I then tried to run Circle.exe, the following was
> displayed:
>         Thu Apr 25 13:33:00 :: Using lib as data directory.
>         Thu Apr 25 13:33:00 :: Running game on port 4000.
>         Thu Apr 25 13:33:00 :: Finding player limit.
>         Thu Apr 25 13:33:00 :: Opening mother connection.
>         Thu Apr 25 13:33:00 :: Max players set to 252
>         Error opening network connection: Winsock err #10047
> Winsock error #10047 is WSAEAFNOSUPPORT.
> Can ANYONE think of why this may be?
> Has anyone else compiled successfully under Win95?  If so, I'd welcome
> some details as to config of the PC.
> Regards,
> Ian Stephenson

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