Re: MOB Skills

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 04/26/96

On Fri, 26 Apr 1996, Daniel W. Burke wrote:

> Adding the ability for mobs to have skills is dandy, but how is everyone
> imp'n it so they can USE them?

	That's easy.  Check for the most powerful spell, check the
remaining mana, check the victim's level, and check how learned the MOB is
and use a bit of randomness to determine if the MOB will use the spell.
	For skills, it's just the one they know the best against their own
level and whom they are fighting.
	Then just call the call_magic or do_xxxx thing from the routine.
It's simple to write, just a bit weird to figure out how often MOBs should
use skills/spells and which ones they should use.  The randomness in it
makes sure that the mobile isn't addicted to just one spell, but with a
quick change, you can make it so they mobile is more likely to cast it's
strongest spell/use it's best skill, but will still use other

	Non-fighting skills can be called upon at random, just keep a
small table that tells the mobile what non-combat skills/spells do and
then check if it's appropriate to use them.  A bit time-consuming, but
makes the MOBs seem intelligent if they get slightly hurt and cast a light
healing spell, and when they're REALLY hurt, they cast a major healing
spell.  Anyway, it's easy to figure, just time-consuming.  I myself have
yet to do it, the assigning of skills is simply to teacher mobiles so far,
but once I get into adding mobile fight intelligence I'll send another
message to the list :)

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