Object Spec_Procs Easy question

From: William Karp (willk@crl.com)
Date: 04/28/96

I know it's probably a easy/dumb question.  But here's my problem.

I created an object, and made a spec proc for it.  it works fine, but
every time I type insert (that's the command that works the object) it 
performs what it's supposed to, then it gives the char an error saying 
sorry, you can't do that here!.. or something like that.

I started looking at some of the other spec_procs to see what I did 
wrong, and the one I was looking at was the bank's balance command.  It 
returns a 1.  Whenever I try to return a 1 it just seems to hang.(I can 
type things in and it keeps giving me the > prompt back, but nothing 
happens)  I even tried disconnecting and reconnecting and it sends me 
right back into the same loop.

Any Ideas?


Bill Karp

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