Re: Object Spec_Procs Easy question

From: Skylar (
Date: 04/28/96

On Sun, 28 Apr 1996, William Karp wrote:

> I created an object, and made a spec proc for it.  it works fine, but
> every time I type insert (that's the command that works the object) it 
> performs what it's supposed to, then it gives the char an error saying 
> sorry, you can't do that here!.. or something like that.
> I started looking at some of the other spec_procs to see what I did 
> wrong, and the one I was looking at was the bank's balance command.  It 
> returns a 1.  Whenever I try to return a 1 it just seems to hang.(I can 
> type things in and it keeps giving me the > prompt back, but nothing 
> happens)  I even tried disconnecting and reconnecting and it sends me 
> right back into the same loop.

Try doing it like this...

  if (CMD_IS("insert)) {
    /* your code here */
    return 1; /* proc has handled the command, no need to interpret it */
  return 0;   /* command didnt match, so send it to the interpreter    */

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