Re: Quick Question (fwd)

From: Sammy (
Date: 04/28/96

On Sun, 28 Apr 1996, Sean P. Mountcastle wrote:

> Folks thanks for all the replies, BUT I know I have to shutdown the MUD 
> (or edit my makefile and autorun as C. Epler suggested) to recompile.  
> What I was curious about is _why_  I never had this problem when I ran 
> the mud before.  Soooooooo  I was assuming that a text file descriptor is 
> being left open for long periods of time -- which I don't like.  Either 
> that or when we upgraded our Linux the OS got smarter and refuses to 
> overwrite an active file.  I dunno, but _that's_ what I was curious 
> about.  Anyway, this wasn't meant to flame all of you, in fact some had 
> pretty neat ideas, and I do appreciate your help, but I'm not a total 
> neophyte.

Sorry I still don't have any clue what causes that, but it may help to 
note that I've seen the same problem when running circle on a linx 1.3 
kernel.  I'm not sure of the exact version, but it was in the 50's.  At 
first we had that problem constantly, but after a couple months it 
sometimes updated circle fine, sometimes gave the warning message.  I 
don't think it was anything we did so I assumed it was just a kernel 
bug.  If you're using a developmental kernel I'd assume that's the cause.


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