Re: Read languages(runes) skill

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 04/30/96

On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, Graham Gilmore wrote:

> 	The key word in the above explanation is 'look'.  People can't 
> necessarily tell where one word ends and another begins if they can't 
> understand the language.

	Assuming you're not William Shatner, when was the last time you
broke up your speech to such an extent people couldn't understand the
difference between pauses in the middle of words, between words, and at
the end of sentences?
	Assuming you're not the Micro-Machines' spokesman, when was the
last time you spoke so fast or heard someone speak so fast you could not
distinguish between words?  I don't know about you, but even when someone
is speaking really fast I don't have that much trouble finding and
distinguishing words.

	BESIDES WHICH, we're talking about a MUD.  What they would _hear_
i the _real world_ and what they would _see_ in the _MUD world_, are two
very different things.  In a MUD, unless you randomly remove spaces how
are you to portray (in text) a comprehension of pauses?  We're not talking
about the most realistic way to do it, we're talking about the most
realistic way to do within the MUD enviroment without going completely

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