From: Mark Devlin (
Date: 04/29/96

I think some people are making languages out to be more difficult than
they should be.

The _players_ should have no way of translating something. If they
can, what's the point of having _character_-based language skills?
Eventually the player will learn what means what (such as the stock
say_spell function, a dimwitted fighter played by someone who knows all
the syllables will have no fear of someone chanting "qfoi dies" (create
light, if I got it right)). All the player should see is whatever the
text says, or some indication that the _character_ couldn't understand
it. Successful attempts should increase skill by some amount based on
how difficult a language is, or whatever factors are suitable for the

Showing anything else is just eye-candy.

<insert disclaimer regarding personal opinion here>

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