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From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 04/29/96

On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, ShadowLord wrote:

> 	?que estacionamento de radio es este?
>  	[what radio station is this?]

Actually is "Estacion de Radio es esta"...:)

Anyway, what about implementing something like it is in NetHack (I can 
presume someone here has played at least once NetHack, I have in my Mac, 
in windows, in DOS, os/2 and UNIX..:)

The way they do it is by ramdonly erasing parts of messages and 
substituting them with "x"'s, so "What radio station is this" Could be 
read as "Wxxxt xxdxo xtxtxon xs xxis" for someone that has no idea of 
the language (thus simulating in some way the way some languages can be 
partly understood) to something like "Whax radxo statxxn ix txis" for 
someone more versed (say, 90%) and to the full "What radio station is 
this" for a 100% knowledge of the language. This could apply to read and 
heard language.

Now to the disadvantages: Unless someone is very good at programming, I 
cannot see the way in which it could be provided that users wouldn't read 
a paper 20 times and then figure out the message since every time they 
get different parts of the message (in Nethack some messages erase more 
every time you read them, so you cannot do this). Maybe recording in some 
way what each user has read in the paper and sticking to it (I repeat, 
this could apply to spoken messages too).

Also, it should be possible for several people in a group to read a piece 
of paper and each get different parts of the same, so with the united 
knowledge decipher it (this could be very close to some realities, so it 
should be ok and even mandatory..:)

I hope I have made some more waves in the water..:) Any replies send them 
to me..:)


MyhagoMUD and 4040 (testing purposes) english written 
MUD with spanish spoken language..:)

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