From: Thomas Pedersen (
Date: 04/29/96

Anyone else having this problem when issuing 'skillset' w/o
any arguments?

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x46eed in do_skillset (ch=0x307200, argument=0xbffff9c0 "", cmd=265, 
    subcmd=0) at modify.c:135
135         for (i = 0; *spells[i] != '\n'; i++) {

Besides 'name' containing garbage, rest of vars seems a-ok. 

  char name[100], buf2[100], buf[100], help[MAX_STRING_LENGTH];
  int skill, value, i, qend;

  argument = one_argument(argument, name);

 if (!*name) {                     /* no arguments. print aninformative t$
    send_to_char("Syntax: skillset <name> '<skill>' <value>\r\n", ch);
    strcpy(help, "Skill being one of the following:\n\r");
    for (i = 0; *spells[i] != '\n'; i++) {

Didn't touch this code.......*boggle*


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