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From: Tim Yohn (
Date: 04/29/96

On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, ShadowLord wrote:

> On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, Tim Yohn wrote:
> > #define SET_NATIVE_LANG(ch) {(ch)->player_specials->saved.native_lang = i;}
> >   /* hopefully this sets the native language corectly */
> 	Gee; uh.  It'd be intersting to know what the hell "i" is in this
> Heh, maybe try:
> #define SET_NATIVE_LANG(ch, i) ((ch)->player_specials->saved.native_lang=i)
> 	BTW, just because SET_SKILL uses the brackets and the ";", I don't
> see why you should, unless there's a problem if you don't?

	Ok, that was a typo, there was a (ch, i) in my structs.h.

	And I was using the SET_SKILL as something to copy but if you
don't have to I'll look into changing that as well...

	BTW, for all... I've got it working corectly now thanks for the

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