Moving mud on new machine

From: Tomas Grunwald (
Date: 04/30/96

Hi all,
 sorry if this is easy problem for beginners,but I am concerned about 
this more than two weeks. I was running mud on BSD 1.0,but this 
machine was slow and low on disc capacity, often overloaded. Now I 
moved circle on another machine (linux) without problems recompiled,
but now the passwords does not fit the old. On both systems mud use 
their internal crypt utility which seems to be different. I have not
sources for BSD 1.0 and cannot find them on any ftp. Has anyone an 
idea how to translate passwords in playerfile or where could I found 
the sources for BSD crypt? Thank you for any help.
PS Sorry for my english,I know its horrid,but it's the best i can 

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