Re: Possible <where> bug

From: Katzlberger Thomas (
Date: 04/30/96

You wrote:
> Can you consistently reproduce the bug, or perhaps provide a core
> dump?
> > One of my imms has discovered (much to my dismay) that there's a
> > bug in the <where> code if you look for something extremely
> > common i.e. <where sword>. I've tried it myself, and after about
> > instance 150 or so of the object the connection closes and
> > occasionally the game crashes. Has anyone else experienced/fixed
> > this? This is pl11 with various mods- but nothing in that section
> > of the code as I recall.

I don't think reproducing this is necessary as it happens on any
circle mud that I know that is run from a terminal that is connected
non locally.

Scenaio: do a command that produces LOTS OF output (more than the  
computer you are running on can output fast enough to the internet)  
and wait for the disconnect in:

int write_to_descriptor(int desc, char *txt)


  if (errno == EWOULDBLOCK)

  log("process_output: socket write would block, about to close");

a page_string() instead of send_to_char()
usually helps in this case.

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