Re: send_to_char isn't working for me..

From: Johan Eenfeldt (
Date: 05/05/96

> Well, just as a disclaimer, I'm not saying that it's a bug, I just seem
> to be using it wrong.

> In the perform_sandstorm function I have a number offor/if statements,
> and I get down to where I want to blind the guy, and I do a send_to_char
> telling this person that I'm blinding him, but it doesn't send the message.

[code snipped]

>   rooms[0][0] = 2001; rooms[0][1] = 2002; rooms[0][2] = 2003;

These are virtual numbers.

>      if(world[rooms[i][moving_room]].people != NULL)

This index uses rnum -- you are looking in the wrong rooms.

Solution: 1. Use real_room() at every check.
          2. Initialize the array at bootup with the rnum.
             (faster, but array must be permanent )

  rooms[0][0] = real_room(2001); /* room == NOWHERE if vnum does not exist */

Hope that helps.

/ Johan Eenfeldt
  Student, Computer Science Department @ the University of Uppsala

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