Problems with Obuild.06

From: Eric Soderquist (
Date: 05/05/96

I am continuing to have problems with Obuild .06.  I was running the mud
(3.0bpl11) on a SunOS machine and was having problems with segfaulting and
crashing, mainly when going to create a new zone by typing zedit create
<zonenum>.  I figured this would go away now that I have moved over to a
IRIX 5.3 machine and recompiled the server.  Yet, the problem persists.

I see that many people have found luck with the various Circle3.0 OLC's.
Why is is that I am having the hardest time getting one to work?  Is there
anything I can do to alleviate the segfaulting problem?

Thanks in advance,

Eric Soderquist

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