Re: Problems with Obuild.06

From: Con (
Date: 05/05/96

On Sun, 5 May 1996, Eric Soderquist wrote:

> I am continuing to have problems with Obuild .06.  I was running the mud
> (3.0bpl11) on a SunOS machine and was having problems with segfaulting and
> crashing, mainly when going to create a new zone by typing zedit create
> <zonenum>.  I figured this would go away now that I have moved over to a
> IRIX 5.3 machine and recompiled the server.  Yet, the problem persists.

Well, without really knowing your problem, I can only say that on SunOS 
strings is probably whats crashing you.
It seems SUN likes the idea of programs should NOT be able to cause 
havock on the server, so if you 'play' arround with uninitialized string 
pointers in fprintf() and stuff like that you'r OLC will crash the MUD. 
I've been told that Linux handles uninitialized strings by sending a 
(null) result to the requesting function, but unfortunatl for you SunOS 
SIGSEGV signals.. I.e. makes a segmentation fault.
Dunno if it makes you feel better :P
Anyway, I suppose IRIX does act the same way.


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