From: Greg Breault (gregbt@ids.net)
Date: 05/05/96

I am making Houses within the city, but they dont have any code to go along
with them, as I am not a coder. Basically there will be a leader and he will
be able to allow people into his house and there will be rival clans, blah

I have set the titles so they can only be set by gods. But everytime someone
levels I KNOW the title is going to change so I am going to try and avoid
the confusion and ask if there is a way to make it so if a players title is
changed (altered) then it wont change everytime this person levels...so if a
newbie comes in his title WILL change, untill a god messes with it and then
it will stay the same. 

Ok, flame away! heh...

Greg Breault
ChaosRules! port=4000

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