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From: Jerry E. Latimer (
Date: 05/05/96

On Sun, 5 May 1996, Greg Breault wrote:

> I am making Houses within the city, but they dont have any code to go along
> with them, as I am not a coder. Basically there will be a leader and he will
> be able to allow people into his house and there will be rival clans, blah
> blah...
> I have set the titles so they can only be set by gods. But everytime someone
> levels I KNOW the title is going to change so I am going to try and avoid
> the confusion and ask if there is a way to make it so if a players title is
> changed (altered) then it wont change everytime this person if a
> newbie comes in his title WILL change, untill a god messes with it and then
> it will stay the same. 
> Ok, flame away! heh...
> Greg Breault
> ChaosRules! port=4000

Why not do like they do on Elite?  They have it so that you can change
title's normally but there is also an additional title that is added on
when you belong to a clan.  It contains the clan name and clan
position/title. (Elite 4000)

Sorry, can't help you with the coding part.  I'm too new at it.

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