From: Bevo (
Date: 05/06/96

Unless i am mistaken, the type KEY is automatically !RENT, to stop 
players from saving with the mistress or mazekeeper keys and going on 
killing sprees.

Getting around this is simple.  Doors do not check if the key to unlock 
them is type KEY or not, just if it matches the correct vnum for the lock 
given in the .wld code.   For example, in the pbl10 stock zone 65, the 
entrance to Castle Strangelove is unlocked by vnum 6514, a mining pick.  
Since this is a WEAPON, you could save with it and quit with it.

So, just rewrite the .obj files with the keys and make them type OTHER, 
and keep the vnums the same.  Player should be able to quit with them and 
save them.

Steve "Sticky Pibb" Bevacqua

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On Mon, 6 May 1996, Greg Breault wrote:

> I created a few keys in the mud for a few houses, but when the player goes
> to rent it doesnt let him rent the key also. I checked the flag and it is
> not set for norent so it must be something else...
> I checked out ITEM_KEY in structs.h but couldnt figure out what was up. Is
> there something I am missing?
> Greg Breault
> ChaosRules! port=4000

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