Re: Installing Item and Level Limits (question)

From: Hades (
Date: 05/06/96

> I would like to add level limits to items, as I get very tired of watching
> newbies run around with my suposed 'high-level' weapons and armor. My
> question is: has anyone done this and does it require a pfile wipe or
> plrobj file deletion?
> The other thing I wanna do is have it check the objects currently around-
> either on players or in their rent files when it goes to reload items, I
> know there are item limits installed, but it only seems to check what is
> currently loaded, on who is playing at the time of zone reset.
> Has anyone done either of these things and if so could you give me an idea
> of the diffciulty involved?
> Jim

IMHO level limits on gear is THE DUMBEST and most UNREALISTIC thing I can
think of. How about making it so newbies cant' GET the high level gear? The
reasons they have it is: A high level gave it to them, hence there is an
overabundance, they stole it (every right to have it then), or a player had
a high level char and remade a new one, keeping the old gear (nothing you
can do about that, and he has a right to keep his gear)

Try solving the problem beforwe you impose somehting most players detest and
something so utterly unrealistic.


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