Re: Installing Item and Level Limits (question)

From: Harvey Gilpin (
Date: 05/07/96 (Jim) wrote:

>I would like to add level limits to items, as I get very tired of watching
>newbies run around with my suposed 'high-level' weapons and armor. My
>question is: has anyone done this and does it require a pfile wipe or
>plrobj file deletion?

Yep, one of the first things I did, and no, no player file wipe

Here's how ya do it Rv style:

1) Hack the -MEMORY- structure for objects in structs.h to include a
   'level' field.

2) Hack db.c, the bit where it loads objects from theier files.
   Add an -optionial- level flag field on the end of one of the lines
   that gets scanned in.  (I think I used the line with obj cost in)

3) If this field is empty, the object gets a  default level flag of 0.
   (Hence no need to re-write  all your object files at once)

4) If the field does exist, then that is the object's level flag.

5) Hack act.obj.c to stop players wearing/holding/wielding objs of a
   greater level than themseleves.  Give them a message along the
   lines of "You don't yet understand how to use <obj>".

6) Hack act.wizard.c - stat_object so you can see what has what.

6) Get hold of OasisOLC, uncomment all the level flag code in there so
   you can edit obj levels with that }:>

>The other thing I wanna do is have it check the objects currently around-
>either on players or in their rent files when it goes to reload items, I
>know there are item limits installed, but it only seems to check what is
>currently loaded, on who is playing at the time of zone reset.

This'd cause mucho lag, unless you construct  a table at boot time,
which would then hog memory...

But hey, it's your mud :)


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