Re: Making "do_skill" look better

From: Skylar (
Date: 05/08/96

On Wed, 8 May 1996, Chris Dodd wrote:

> To start, this probably only applies to those people who have redone their
> mud and gotten rid of levels and all.  I have no levels, and everything is
> based on skills, etc.  I also have a do_skill procedure which basically
> displays the skills listed in ch->skills.  Has anyone out there done or now
> how to change the display so it breaks down skills into categories, like
> 'fighting' etc?  I am interested in doing this, but not really sure how,
> since the skill numbers are not exactly in a specific order, and the numbers
> have simply changed as skills have been added.

Re-Order the spells/skills as you please. Leave plenty of room under each
group for future expantion, then in your do_skill command, just check that
the person has > 0 in that skill.  This will make it easier to sort them
out.  You could even put in #define MAX_COMBAT_SKILL and whatnot, if you
need to, I didnt bother, since there's a pretty large range between them,
and I doubt I'll overrun what I slotted for expansion anytime soon. 

This might give you a rough idea of how many/few you'll want to slot
for expansion in the future...our spells.h is ordered more or less
like this:

1-130   spells (a little over 1/2 used)
131-160 combat 
161-170 weapon proficiency
171-190 stealth skills
191-210 manipulation skills
211-220 perception skills
221-235 survival skills
236-245 psionics
246-260 languages
261+ reserved for some unimplemented categories like trade skills and stuff.

up to MAX_SKILLS (300)

Hope this helps...


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