Re: FlameFest II: This is is not CS 1

From: Michael Buselli (
Date: 05/08/96

On Wed, 8 May 1996, Jeremy Elson wrote:

> I'm beginning to think that splitting the list in two parts may be a good
> idea afterall -- this list, which will remain as it is for newbie questions,
> and a second, *moderated* list for "advanced" questions (called
> circle-wizards or something).  I'd be willing to moderate the list if I
> can figure out how, since I've never been a mailing list moderator before.
> circle-wizards would not allow newbie traffic or anything answered by an 
> FAQ or any of the documentation (optimally, I should finish coding.doc
> first.)
> Is there any support for this idea?

     I support it.  In fact, I could probably moderate it, and would love
to.  I was thinking about proposing something similar earlier today, but
shot it down internally because I really wouldn't feel comfortable
starting up a new list on my own with no initial support of it by the
circle admin community.

     What kind of moderation do you have in mind?  Is our current circle 
list watched over at all by someone?  Anyway, if I started this list, it 
would have a name like (just to give 
you an idea).

Michael Buselli

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