MOBProgram help

From: David Wruck (
Date: 05/09/96

	I seem to be having a difficult time trouble shooting an error in 
the MOBProgram system for a Circle bpl 8 install.

	I seem to be getting the following syslog error everytime I 
create a script for MOBProgram. So to make sure I was doing everything 
right, I added the sample script found at the end of the mobprog.doc file 
that comes with the distribution.
	I set up the following MOB:

a Cleric~
A cleric is here waiting patiently for your request.
The cleric seems to have the patience of the ages as she waits for you
to decide what you want from her.
133376 1610612772 700 S
60 17 30 30d8+7 1d4+0
2500 30000
8 8 2
>in_file_prog sample.prg~

	The error reads like this:

SYSERR: fread_string: format error at or near Error in file act_prog

	The question at hand is (since I am not the coding IMP) is this a 
source code problem, or is there something I am doing wrong, or not doing 
that would cause this error? The error itself seems a bit too open to 
interpretation to me.
	Thanks for the time to reply.

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