Support for 2 mailing lists

From: Kresimir Kukulj (
Date: 05/09/96

>> There was, around October 1995, a suggestion by many 'old timers' to split
>> the list to two, a newbies list and a more 'advanced' list.  Everyone on 
>> the list noted that the newbies would just post to the advanced list 
>> anyway and that idea was squashed.  Instead, a bunch of us just up and left.
>> Perhaps I should unsubscribe again.

>I'm beginning to think that splitting the list in two parts may be a good
>idea afterall -- this list, which will remain as it is for newbie questions,
>and a second, *moderated* list for "advanced" questions (called
>circle-wizards or something).  I'd be willing to moderate the list if I
>can figure out how, since I've never been a mailing list moderator before.
>circle-wizards would not allow newbie traffic or anything answered by an 
>FAQ or any of the documentation (optimally, I should finish coding.doc

>Is there any support for this idea?

Yes. I would be a good idea.

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