Re: IDEA: One list, two lists, or something else...

From: David Wruck (
Date: 05/09/96

On Thu, 9 May 1996, Harvey Gilpin wrote:

> So we are all (more or less) agreed that splitting the list might not
> work as well as we would hope, so here's another suggestion, that I am
> supprised no-one else has brought up:
> Why don't we create a UseNet group for Circle.  There is more than
> enough traffic on this list to fuel it, and I'm sure we could get
> enough names to create an offical 'rec' group rather than just an 
> alt' one.  "" perhaps.

	Because many people (myself included) do not like / bother to 
read newsgroups. Having the list on E-Mail means I do not have to deal 
with newsgroups.

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