Re: the two lists idea...

From: William Garces (
Date: 05/10/96

On Thu, 9 May 1996, Jeremy Elson wrote:

> On deeper reflection...
> I tend to believe that if there is an "advanced users" list, the basic list
> will probably be abandoned by people who both have a clue and are willing
> to share it, leaving everyone right back where we started.

Hooray! You can count me in the group that are against this idea.  The
"advanced user" list idea is as bad an idea now as it was the last dozen
times it's been suggested.  The only virtue I can see in it would be
that there wouldn't be any more messages from the advanced users
complaining about how full their mail boxes are.

> Perhaps a better solution to reduce the traffic of clueless mail on the
> mailing list is to very aggressively pursue writing more documentation for
> Circle, so that the questions we frequently see asked here will be
> answerable on the Web or in the circle distribution itself.

That sounds like a great idea.  I haven't installed anything past bpl8
so I don't know if anything's been added, but I can tell you from the
perspective of a newbie that the coding.doc that came with bpl8 is so
incomplete as to be almost worthless. 


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