Re: the two lists idea...

From: David Wruck (
Date: 05/10/96

On Fri, 10 May 1996, William Garces wrote:

> That sounds like a great idea.  I haven't installed anything past bpl8
> so I don't know if anything's been added, but I can tell you from the
> perspective of a newbie that the coding.doc that came with bpl8 is so
> incomplete as to be almost worthless. 

	Oh, TRUST me, BPL11 is a major improvement over bpl8. We have 
added something (if I remember what the coders said) like almost 500 
lines of code (races, money, classes, new combat, skills/spells, etc) and 
as a result they were fairly loathe to upgrade. Once one of them got 
bpl11, all I hear are good things. (Not that I have actually SEEN any of 
this mind you, I just keep hearing about how cool this is and how great 
the new OLC is...)
	So unless you have done some SERIOUS mods, look into PATCHing (or 
had modifying) bpl11 to include any new code you have added.

	Personally, I think Jeremy deserves a serious round of "grats" 
from us. Circle 2.x was ok, but 3.x is something else.


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