to newbie or not to newbie

From: Marcelo Valle Moreira (
Date: 05/10/96

No time to study C, once college and work kills my time.
Girlfriend in weekends, when I try to get a life.
In love with the mud, and trying to modify this to fit my ideas.
What I do?
1 - Read the topics on doc files to find what to do.
2 - grep -e *.c and grep -e *.h after what I'm looking for.
3 - Get fucking tired of rebooting =o)
4 - Spam you all here.
5 - Get the solution and send the code to the ones whohelped me.
6 - Read the replys saying I could be better coder...
7 - Get called newbie after 2/3 years of mudding =o)
8 - C masters considering me stupid.

Well.... I love you all dudez, sorry about my last mail about splittinf the list,
it's just that if you all think it's better, I'd have to agree.
Now if you think there's a way of keeping it just one list... THANKS!!

Now can anyone please explain me in details step by step how do I get the name of the mud in the initial screen? what is the difference between config.c and configure??? I'm kinda lost...

OKAY OKAY sorry just kidding =o)



PS. stop deleting my mails when you read my name in sender. thanks =o)

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