Re: Pkilling,fate points Ideas wanted

From: Brian Pape (
Date: 05/11/96

> --[WARNING: Topic Change]--
> part in pkilling), and to more realistically change the person's
> alignment.  I think when you give money to beggars your alignment should
> increase, etc.

Good idea, we try to implement quite a few alignment changing things,
otherwise it becomes tough to keep a certain alignment through the normal
actions that would reflect your type of character.

> 	To note, I don't want to use numerical alignment -1000 to 1000,
> maybe using a rating system like: demonic, chaotic, evil, neutral evil,

Why not just use -1000 to 1000, below you say...

> religions (dependant upon race and region), "good" would be relative to
> the religion.  Human sacrafice, for instance, in some cultures and tribes

you could just use the numbers, giving you flexibility and more fineness
of control, then just map a certain range (-1000 to -700 = demonic) for
instance.  Or actually, this is probably what you mean, you mean just not
displaying 'You alignment is 387'...  I like that...  Consider it stolen

> 	Any thoughts?  Sorry for changing the topic.

No, stop right there...  You have apparently discovered the meaning of the
list!  Don't apoligize, people might think there was something wrong with
your post.

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